Rent Cottage

Do you know how to rent a cottage? Be aware that upon written request from the lessee, you are obliged as a lessor to substantiate the price of individual services, the way they are billed, how to determine the amount of advances and the execution of bills according to this item. What does this all imply? The tenant has to pay only what is stated in the lease agreement or what is implied by law.
When renting a cottage, the lease should always contain two sums to be paid by the tenant to the lessor, namely the amount of rent-expressing the remuneration of the owner of the property for the use of his property and the amount that the tenant pays each month as a deposit on it Consumed services related to the use of immovable property.
Do you have any advice on the lease? We will advise you!
The tenant's obligation to pay other services is to rent the cottage only if they are expressly negotiated in the rental agreement. We will help you prepare it carefully!

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