Honest Handicrafts

You're kind of old-fashioned, because it seems to you that the time of your grandmothers had a much greater charm than ours. Just take a look at the porcelain or furniture from that time. By contrast, it is immediately evident at first glance that it was not a serial production, but an honest manual work of the Masters of their craft, who were coloring each cup honestly and with love, just as they had mastered the joinery and carving art, Which is still familiar with their furniture, just look at the small carved details, the decorative fittings of the cabinets and the weight of the real wood.
At home you welcome the quality
So, you simply couldn't resist making your own apartment your own with just such perfect products inherited from the grandparents instead of import waste somewhere in Asia. And even financially, even though you have put some pieces in the hands of restorers. However, to make it look like you'd like to live in the last century, you have to say that things that are real progress in your home are welcome. For example, you've had all the rooms in the energy-saving LED lighting.

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